Tian Lan

Associate Professor

Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

George Washington University

Science and Engineering Hall 6580
800 22nd Street NW
Washington D.C., 20052, USA

E-mail: tlan@gwu.edu

URL: http://www.seas.gwu.edu/~tlan/

Phone: 1-202-994-5079
Fax: 1-202-994-0227

Office: SEH 6580

I am an associate professor in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the George Washington University, which I joined in 2010. I received my Ph.D. from the Department of Electrical Engineering at the Princeton University in 2010, M.S. from the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of Toronto in 2005, and B.A.Sc. in Electrical Engineering from the Tsinghua University in 2003.

My research areas include network optimization and algorithms, cyber security, edge computing, reinforcement learning, and wireless networks.

Awards and Honors:
SecureComm Best Paper Award, 2019
SEAS Faculty Recognition Award, GWU, 2018
Hegarty Faculty Innovation Award, 2017
AT&T VURI Award, 2014.
IEEE INFOCOM Best Paper Award, 2012.
Wu Prizes for Excellence from Princeton University, 2010.
IEEE GLOBECOM Best Paper Award, 2009.
IEEE Signal Processing Society Best Paper Award, 2008.

TPC Member:
ICCVE 2012-2015, WCNC 2013-2016, INFOCOM 2013-2015, WIN-SYS 2013-2014, EUC 2013, LANMAN 2014, ICC 2015-2017, SECON 2015, LANMAN 2015,SPICES 2015, MobiSPC 2015, LCN 2015, IPCCC 2015, ITC 2016, SDDCS 2016,ICDCS 2016-2017, FMEC 2017, FWG 2017.

Research Team

PhD Students:
Hanhan Zhou (PhD candidate)
Yongsheng Mei (PhD candidate)
Jingdi Chen (PhD candidate)
Jin Zhang (PhD candidate)
Hongfa Xue (PhD candidate)
Shijing Li (PhD candidate)
Yimeng Wang (PhD candidate)
Yurong Chen (PhD candidate)
Yongbo Li (ECE Best Disertation Award 2018, now at Facebook)
Yu Xiang (ECE Best Disertation Award 2016, now at AT&T Research Lab)
Visiting Scholars:
Jianhua Fan (Nanjing Telecom Research Institute, 2016-2017)
Han Zhang (Tsinghua Unversity, 2016-2017)

Research Projects

Courses Taught

ECE 6565: Telecommunications Security, ECE 6035: Introduction to Computer Networks,
ECE 6510: Communication Theory, ECE 2210: Circuits, Signals, and Systems,
ECE 3410: Communications Engineering