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EMSE 6020/269:

(Summer 2011)

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Text Book:
"Making Hard Decisions with Decision Tools" by Robert T. Clemen and Terence Reilly

Chapter 1 - Introduction Decision Analysis
Chapter 2 - Elements of Decision Problems
Chapter 3 - Structuring Decisions
Chapter 4 - Making Choices
Chapter 5 - Sensitivity Analysis
Chapter 7 - Probability Basics
Chapter 8 - Subjective Probability
Chapter 9 - Theoretical Probability Models
Chapter 12 - Value of Information

These lecture notes are also available from the the author's R.T. Clemen website:

These lecture notes have been developed by teaching this course over a number of years. I would like to acknowledge Tom Mazzuchi for giving me his hand written lecture notes when I initially started teaching this course. The influences of these hand written notes are still there.

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