Poorvi Vora
Professor and Undergraduate Program Director, Department of Computer Science
The George Washington University

Current Research Interests: Voting


I have been fortunate to work with some great students and post-docs, and the many voting experts at the Election Verification Network (EVN) and Verified Voting (where I serve on the Board of Directors).

Electrical Engineering (B. Tech, IIT Bombay; M.S. and Ph.D., North Carolina State Univ)
Mathematics (M.S., Cornell)

Past Research Interests: Cryptanalysis, Privacy, Color Imaging, Image Processing; Another view of some older research: Applications of information theory

My interest in voting systems is influenced by my upbringing; my maternal grandfather, Ratilal Tribhavandas Thakkar, spent two years in jail for his participation in the Indian independence movement. Much of what I might know about inspiring others to learn, I learned from both my parents. My mother, Bindu Laxmikant Vora, in her role as a hospital owner and administrator, inspired patients to get better and employees to use education to improve their lives and those of their children. My father, Dr. Laxmikant Naranji Vora, was a well-loved professor and surgeon.
My translations from the Urdu of Pakistani poet Faiz Ahmed Faiz and a Gujarati poem by Harindra Dave translated with my mother.

Contact: email: poorvi at the following address: gwu dot edu
postal address: Science and Engineering Hall (SEH) Suite 4000, 800 22nd St. NW, Washington DC 20052
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