Discrete Structures II, CSCI 2312
taught annually since 2006
Cryptography, CSCI 6331/4331
taught annually since 2004
Advanced Cryptography, CSci 8331
Taught most alternate years
Special Topics in Medical Imaging CSci 6907/3907
Spring 2013
Computational Algebra and Number Theory, CSE 402
Spring 2012, at IIT-Bombay while on sabbatical
Computer Security, CSci 283/172
2003, 2005, 2006, 2008 and 2010
Cryptography Modules at Chantilly High School Academy
2007 and 2008
2015 Distinguished Teacher, School of Engineering and Applied Science, ``In recognition of her demonstrated ability to greatly improve student learning in difficult courses in her field, and her exceptional student advising and mentoring approach''
ACM Teacher of the Year Award, 2009. Shared with Bhagirath Narahari ``for having greatly impacted the life of the students of the Class of 2009''
I have been exploring the use of interactive techniques in CS 2312, a sophomore-level second course in Discrete Structures, which focuses on the proofs of simple results in graph theory and elementary number theory. I have found that the use of interactive techniques has completely transformed my experience and that of the students. I am able to set far more difficult exams than I would have dared in the standard lecture mode.

I am an undergraduate adviser and it is one of the most rewarding aspects of my work.

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