Home Page: Chantilly Academy Cryptography Modules - Spring 2008 - George Washington University

Instructor: Poorvi Vora, poorvi@gwu.edu, 706 Philips Hall.

Four lectures on cryptography are being taught to two sections of the Network Administration Program students at Chantilly High School Academy in Spring 2008. This page contains the material used. Three modules were taught last year, the slides are here. The main difference is that the 2008 lectures include one on voting (the students will use a toy version of Pret a Voter to vote on May 1, 2008) and also include material on RSA. The 2007 lectures include material on watermarking and copyright protection not taught in 2008.

Module I: Classical Cryptography Key
Module II: Block Ciphers
Module III: Public Key Cryptography
Module IV: Voting
Two copies of twenty-four distinct ballots and the onion decryptions.

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