Mridul Nandi (2009-2010; now at IISC., Kolkata);
Filip Zagórski (2010-2011; now at Wroclaw University of Technology)
Graduated Research Students:
Yu-An Sun (D. Sc. 2009, first job at Xerox Research, group spun off to PARC, now at A. T. Kearney)
Stefan Popoveniuc (Ph.D. 2009, first job at NIST, now at Amazon)
Darakhshan Mir (M.S., 2007 from GW; PhD, 2013 from Rutgers; first job as Norma Wilentz Hess Faculty Fellow at Wellesley, now tenure-track Assistant Professor and Jane W. Griffith Faculty Fellow at Bucknell)
Jacob Alperin-Sheriff (B.S., 2010 from GW; Ph.D. from Georgia Tech.; post-doc at Univ. Maryland, College Park, now in the Cryptographic Technology Group at NIST)
Ben Hosp (Ph.D., 2010, now at Progeny)
Kerry McKay (D. Sc., 2011, first job at MITRE, now in the Cryptographic Technology Group at NIST)
Alex Florescu (M. S., 2011, first job at Goldman-Sachs, then, Yahoo, then YPlan, now at Google)
Jan Rubio (B. S., 2011, now at oPower)
Tyler Kaczmarek (B.S., 2013, now in doctoral program at U.C. Irvine)
John Wittrock (B.S., 2013, first job at AppNexus, now at Sidewalk Labs.)