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Technical Reports :

  1. Puget Sound Partnership VTRA 2010 Final Report.
  2. J.R. van Dorp and J.R.W. Merrick, J.R. Harrald, M. Gabowksi, "VTRA SUMMARY DENSITY ANALYSIS: A Closer look by Vessel Type and Location", Submitted to the Makah Indian Tribal Council on 10/10/12.
  3. J.R. van Dorp, J.R.W. Merrick, "A Response to Seven Additional Questions Related to the VTRA Project", Submitted to BP : 5/20/2009. Released on 3/23/2012.
  4. J.R. van Dorp, J.R.W. Merrick, J.R. Harrald, M. Gabowksi, "VTRA Final Report Addendum: A response to 23 comments from the Corps", Submitted to BP : 1/6/2009. Released on 3/23/2012.
  5. J.R. van Dorp, J.R.W. Merrick, J.R. Harrald, M. Gabowksi, "Assessment of Oil Spill Risk due to Potential Increased Vessel Traffic at Cherry Point, Washington " Final Report - Submitted to BP : 8/31/2008. Released on 3/23/2012.
  6. J.R. van Dorp, J.R.W. Merrick, J.R. Harrald, T.A. Mazzuchi, G.L. Shaw and J.P. Blackford “San Francisco Bay Exposure Assessment, Final Report” submitted to San Francisco Bay Water Transit Authority, 2002. Model, Results, Risk Management Notes.
  7. J.R. van Dorp and J.R.W. Merrick “Modified Prince William Sound Simulation, Final Report” submitted to RCAC (Regional Citizen Advisory Council, Alaska), 2002. Speadsheets with Results (Zip File).
  8. J.R. van Dorp, J.R.W. Merrick, J.R. Harrald and T.A. Mazzuchi “The Washington State Ferry Risk Assessment, Final Report” submitted to the Blue Ribbon Pannel on Washington State Ferry Safety, Washington Sate Transportation Commission, 1999. Executive Summary, Appendix 1, Appendix 2, Appendix 3.
  9. J.R. van Dorp. “A General Bayesian Inference Model”, Dissertation, The George Washington University, Washington, D.C., 1997
  10. J.R. Harrald, T.A. Mazzuchi, J. R.W. Merrick, J.R. van Dorp , S. K. Shrestha, J.E. Spahn and M. Grabowski. “Prince William Sound Risk Assessment Final Report”, Submitted to ADEC, APSC/SERVS, PWS Regional Citizens Advisory Council, US Coast Guard, PWS Shipping Companies, 1996.
  11. J.R. Harrald, T.A. Mazuchi, J.R. van Dorp and J.E. Spahn ,“U.S. Coast Guard, Port and Waterway Risk Assessment Guide”, The George Washington University & Institute for Crisis and Disaster Management, March 1996.
  12. M. Grabowski, J.R. Harrald, T.A. Mazzuchi, J.R. van Dorp and J.E Spahn. Evaluating and Monitoring Port and Waterway Risk for the Lower Mississippi River; PHASE II report, Submitted to the board of commissioners of the Port of New Orleans, Washington D.C, 1995.
  13. 8. M.R. Duffey, J.R. van Dorp, L.K. Ruderapatna, P.Felix. Project Risk Analysis for Ship Production, (with), Final Report for research funded by ARPA grant of December 1991, "Design of the Virtual Shipyard", project No. DTMA 91-94-H-00034, 1994.
  14. M.A. Piers, M.P. Loog, M.K.H. Giesberts, J.R. van Dorp and M.J.H. Couwenberg. “Analysis of external safety around Schiphol International Airport” (in Dutch), Contract Report National Aerospace Laboratory (CR 93485 L), Amsterdam, 1993
  15. J.R. van Dorp. “Confidence limits for Individual Risk and Societal Risk around Schiphol International Airport”, Internal Report National Aerospace Laboratory (IW93022), Amsterdam, 1993
  16. J.R. van Dorp. “Track extensions for Noise calculations” (in Dutch), Internal Report National Aerospace Laboratory (IW93021), Amsterdam, 1993
  17. J.R. van Dorp and T.A. Mazzuchi, R. Dekker, R. Cooke. “A Framework for Eliciting Lifetime Distributions from Maintenance Engineers”, Working paper, Institute for Reliability and Risk Analysis, The George Washington University, Washington D.C., 1992.
  18. J.R. van Dorp. “Dependence Modeling for Uncertainty Analysis”, Internal report TU Delft (Thesis Registered Technological Designer two year post-graduate program) , Delft, 1991.
  19. J.R. van Dorp. ”Expert Opinion and Maintenance Data to Determine Lifetime Distributions”, Internal report TU Delft (Masters Graduation Thesis), Delft, 1989.

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