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  1. Manuel Franco, J. René van Dorp, Juana Maria-Vivo (2012). The Generalized Trapezoidal Model in Financial Data Analysis, in Mathematical and Statistical Methods for Actuarial Sciences and Finance, Perna, Cira; Sibillo, Marilena (Eds.), 1st Edition, pp. 219-227.
  2. J. René van Dorp, Thomas A. Mazzuchi, Jorge E. Garcidueñas (2007), Comparing Accelerated Life Testing Designs Within A Single Bayesian Inferential Framework, To Appear in Encyclopedia of Quality and Reliability.
  3. J.R. van Dorp and S. Kotz (2006). "Modeling Income Distributions Using Elevated Distributions", in Distribution Models Theory, Editors: Rafael Herrerias Pleguezuelo, Jose Callejon Cespedes, Jose Manuel Herrerias Velasco. World Scientific Press, Singapore. pp. 1-25.
  4. J. R. van Dorp and T.A. Mazzuchi (2003). "Parameter Specification of The Beta Distribution and its Dirichlet Extensions Utilizing Quantiles", in Handbook of Beta Distributions and Its Applications, Editors Gupta, A.K. and Nadarajah, S., Marcel Dekker, Inc., pp. 283-316. BetaCalculator.Exe (255kB). Program to calculate beta parameters using a lower and upper quantile constraint. (Right-Click with Mouse and choose "Save as ...")

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