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Book: Beyond Beta


One of the biggest frustrations about writing a book is no matter how hard you try to have no mistakes, they always seem to slip in there. Below we shall provide errata for the above book by Chapter as we discover them or as they are provided to us by our readers.

Chapter 1:
Fig. 1.8 on page 22 could inadvertently replaced by Fig. 4.2 on page 106. Click this link for the correct Fig. 1.8. Corrected Fig 1_8.pdf

Page 9: Formula (1.19) for the skewness has a mistake in it as well as the formula the third central moment. Click this link for the correct formulas.
Courtesy of Wim Kalmijn (Erasmus University, Rotterdam) .

Chapter 3:
2nd line after Eq. (3.38) on Page 82: "Eq. (1.32)" should read "Eq. (1.30)".

1st line after Eq. (3.40) on Page 82: "Eq. (1.32)" should read "Eq. (1.31)".

1st line and 2nd line after Eq. (3.41) on Page 82: "Eqs. (1.37) and (1.39)" should read "Eq. (1.35) and (1.36)".

Chapter 8:
Eq. (8.9) on Page 229: "p(y|alpha,n)" should read "p(y|n)"

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