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Tutorials, Labs, Projects & Spec Sheet Page

The experiments will be posted here 1 week before each lab, along with any tutorials needed to complete the pre-laboratory work.  The pre-laboratory work is within the experiment document itself, you are expected to download and complete the prelab prior to attending lab.


Tutorial # Tutorial Description
Tutorial 1 (doc or pdf) DC Sweep Simulations in SPICE
Tutorial 2 (doc or pdf) Transformer Simulations in SPICE
Tutorial 3 (doc or pdf) Parametric Simulation of a BJT in SPICE
Tutorial 4 (doc or pdf) Bias Point Analysis Simulation of a BJT in SPICE
Tutorial 5 (doc or pdf) Designing a Common Emitter Amplifier
Tutorial 6 (doc or pdf) Designing a Common Collector Amplifier
Tutorial 7 (doc or pdf) Designing a Cascaded Multistage Amplifier
Tutorial 8 (doc or pdf) Loading New Parts in SPICE


Note: A free copy of SPICE comes with your textbook, it is also available on every machine in Tompkins on the 3rd floor.


Click HERE for the required format for all laboratory reports

Lab # Lab Name Pre-Lab Due Date Lab Report Due Date
Lab 0   (doc or pdf) Introduction/ Safety/ Grading    
Lab 1   (doc or pdf) Diode Characterization 09/11/08 09/18/08
Lab 2   (doc or pdf) Diode Application I 09/18/08 09/25/08
Lab 3a (doc or pdf) Diode Application II: Biomedical Apps 09/25/08 10/02/08
Lab 3b (doc or pdf) Diode Application III: Regulator Circuits 10/02/08 10/09/08

Midterm Project

See project section below   10/09/08
Lab 4   (doc or pdf) BJT: Transistor Characterization 10/16/08 10/23/08
Lab 5   (doc or pdf) BJT: Biasing & Amplifier Intro 10/23/08 10/30/08
Lab 6   (doc or pdf) BJT: Designing & Building a CE Amplifier 10/30/08 11/06/08
Lab 7   (doc or pdf) BJT: Designing and Building a CC Amplifier 11/06/08 11/13/08
Lab 8   (doc or pdf) BJT: Designing a Cascaded Amplifier 11/14/08 11/20/08
Lab 9   (doc or pdf) Final Project Preparation Lab 11/20/08 (no writeup)

Final Project

See project section below 12/04/08 12/11/08

Optional Labs (at GTA's discretion)

Lab 10 (doc or pdf) MOSFET: Transistor Characterization N/A N/A

Lab 11 (doc or pdf)

MOSFET: Biasing & Amplifier Into N/A N/A

Lab 12 (doc or pdf)

MOSFET: CD Amplifier - Digital Logic Into N/A N/A

Lab 13 (doc or pdf)

CMOS: Digital Logic N/A N/A



Project Name Description Due Date
Midterm Project (doc or pdf) DC Power Supply 10/09/08  
Final Project (doc or pdf) iPod Docking Station 12/11/08  



Lab Equipment (more equipment manuals posted HERE):

Equipment Model # Description
Agilent E3631A DC Power Supply
Keithley 175 Digital Multimeter




Data Sheet



1N34A   Diode: Germanium Based
1N4002   Diode: Silicon Based
1N752A   Diode: Zener Type
MV5753   Diode: LED - GaAsP
166K18   Transformer: 115VRMS:18VRMS
KC004N-ND   Thermistor (Thermal Resistor)
LM7805CT   +5V Silicon Voltage Regulator
2N3904   NPN BJT Transistor
TIP31A pwrbjt.olb    pwrbjt.lib NPN BJT Power Transistor

fairchild.olb  fairchild.lib

N-Channel MOSFET Transistor

*** Disclaimer: The spec sheets posted may not match the parts in your kit, they change from year to year.  It is up to you to verify that they match the parts supplied in your kit before relying on them.  These are posted here as a courtesy.