Autonomous Flight Experiments

Autonomous Flight Experiments

Quadrotor Development

Quadrotor unmanned aerial vehicle
Indoor flight test facility
Outdoor flight test facility
USNA Research Vessel

Quadrotor hardware and flight software have been developed in the lab. There have been several variations, but the most current system is composed of

    Computing Module: NVidia Jetson TX2
      IMU: VectorNAV V100
        Speed Controller: MikroKopter BL CTRL 2.0
          Motor: Tiger Motor MN3110-17 700kv
            Compatible Sensors: Hokuyo Lidar, Microsotft Kinect, Asus Xtion, etc
              Flight Software: multithreading, g++

For indoor flight test facility, Motion Capture (MOCA) laboratory is a 1200 square feet space located at the basement of the Elliott Building, and it is dedicated to research in high quality visual sensing. State-of-art 26 VICON cameras are situated around the room, which capture the position and orientation of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). The second facility is at the second floor of the Science and Engineering Building with 6 VICON cameras.

Flight Experiment Video

Autonomous payload transportation
Quadrotor back flip in wind
Quadrotor back flip
Hovering flight in wind
Delayed RTK GPS
Laser guided landing on an inclined surface
Autonomous aerial exploration
Autonomous ground exploration
Autonomous aerial transportation
Constrained attitude control