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Agenda Concept            


Friday, Oct 24, 2003       

9:00                 Plenary Session:  Moderator:  Gus Roig, Florida International University

                        Welcome and Purpose (Dianne Martin, The George Washington University)

                        Introduction of Speaker (Willie Pearson, Jr., Georgia Institute of Technology

9:20                 Opening Address

                        Dr. Joseph Bordogna (Deputy Director and CCO)

                        National Science Foundation 

10:00               Q&A  

10:30               Break   NSF Room 110 Foyer

10:45               Plenary Session: Panel of Program Directors                       

12:00 Noon     Q&A

12:30               Buffet Lunch NSF Room 110 Foyer


1:30                 Break Out Session 1:  Focus on Successful Programs                                           

2:45                 Break   NSF Room 110 Foyer 

3:00                 Plenary Session: Report Back, NSF Room 110

                        Moderator: Norman Fortenberry, National Academy of Engineering

4:15                 Q&A

4:45                 Day 1 Workshop Evaluation / Plans for Day 2

                        Workshop Leaders: Pearson and Martin

Saturday, Oct 25, 2003


8:30                 Plenary Session:  Panel on the Status of Research                 

9:40                 Q&A

10:00               Break   NSF Room 110 Foyer


10:15               Break out Session 2:  Focus on the Role of Research

                                                Facilitators:                           Reporters:


11:15               Plenary Session: Report Back

                        Moderator: Joan Burrelli, National Science Foundation /SRS

12:00               Q & A

12:30               Buffet Lunch NSF Room 110 Foyer

1:15                 Plenary Session: Panel of Stakeholders 

2:30                 Q&A

3:00                 Break    NSF Room 110 Foyer


3:15                 Break out Session 3:  Focus on Integrative Approaches 

4:30                 Plenary Session: Report Back, NSF Room 1235  (note room change!)

Moderator: Yolanda George, American Association for the Advancement of Science

5:00                 Q&A

5:30                 Day 2 Workshop Evaluation / Plans for Day 3

                        Workshop Leaders Pearson and Martin

Sunday, Oct 26, 2003


9:00                 Plenary Session: Moderator:  Jeanne Pemberton, University of Arizona

                        Introduction of Speaker:  Dianne Martin, The George Washington University

9:10                 Judith Ramaley (Assistant Director, Education and Human Resources Directorate)

                        National Science Foundation 

9:40                 Q&A 

10:00               Plenary Session:  Synthesis Panel:   Where Do We Go From Here? 

11:00               Q&A 

11:15               NSF Response   

11:30               Q&A 

11:45-Noon     Day 3 Workshop Evaluation / Wrap up and Next Steps

                        Dianne Martin, The George Washington University







Workshop funded by a grant (HRD-0338644) from the National Science Foundation.