CS-2113: Software Engineering

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Java API

  • (11/27) Exam 2 is closed book/notes/anything and will be, like Exam 1, on the Remote Unix system.
  • (11/16) Group 3 extra tutoring sessions: (1) 11am - 2pm on Saturday 12/2, and (2) 11am - 2pm on Saturday 12/9. Both are in Tompkins 402.
  • (11/9) You can skip exercise 7 in Module 11.
  • (10/25) Some of you are going ahead to later modules and completing those exercises ahead of time. Please note that I am updating the modules as we go, so don't get too far ahead!
  • (10/23) If you are looking for an elective course, I will be using programming to teach linear algebra in Spring 2018. See here for more details
  • (10/23) Remember: you have your one-on-one this week (my office). Please come a bit early so that you can be exactly on time. Also: I will cancel office hours this week because of these meetings.
  • (10/11) Don't forget the late policy of the course (see the "about" section). If you are late with something, you ought to submit nonetheless because if you are near a grade borderline at the end of the semester, we could consider its impact.
  • (10/5) Remember to complete module exercises 6.9 and 7.1 and bring them to class. We'll pick someone randomly to demo their solution on the board.
  • (9/27) Extra tutoring hours with Ellis: 5-6pm every other Thursday in SEH 4040, starting 9/28.
  • (9/27) Please do not submit code that does not compile. Henceforth (Assignment 1 onwards), submissions that do not compile will not get much by way of points.
  • (9/19) Please remember to exit Firefox and the Terminal before you log out of the remote Unix desktop. If you were not able to do this, open a Terminal and type the following:
  • (9/7) Coursework page is updated to reflect later submission of C-Module-4 exercises.
  • (9/7) Please read a newly added section on include's in Module 2 of C that follows the section on Comments. This should clarify what's needed in your C files. Also, I've added a template for module exercise 4.1 that should simplify the implementation.
  • (9/7) Please read through the section on File I/O before starting Exercise 2.
  • (8/31) Many of the module exercises have questions that seek text answers or in some cases, drawings. Use a single PDF called answers.pdf or results.pdf for all such answers for each module.
  • (8/29) We will schedule two one-time extra help sessions this week to help you get started with Unix, editing etc. They are: (1) Friday 10-12 in SEH-4040; (2) Saturday 10-12 in SEH-4040. In the survey (that was emailed to you), you should indicate availability. We will let you know which one to attend by Thursday.
  • (8/28) Get your Unix environment set up with these instructions.
  • (8/11) Attendance in lab on Monday 8/28 is mandatory: there will be a placement test you must take.
  • There is a subdirectory of cs2113 called useful in which we will occasionally place classes like and UniformRandom.java that will be useful in the course.
  • For those of you not quite familiar with Unix, here is an elementary tutorial in PDF. The tutorial covers basic Unix and the Emacs editor. However, note that it was written for the tcsh shell and not bash. Nonetheless, most of it should apply. Thus instead of setenv you should use export in the .profile file.