CS 1111: Introduction to Software Development

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Java API

Course announcements will be posted here:

  • (Mar 24) DrawTool.java has been updated - please use the latest version.
  • (Mar 23) See the updated grade breakdown
  • (Mar 21) Here is the data we collected in class, for in-class exercises 5 and 6 of Module 11.
  • (Mar 7) There was a problem in the code example for Exercise 34 (identifying primes). This has now been fixed.
  • (Mar 6) There was a mistake in the starting points for the two long walks in the last problem of Post-9. This has now been fixed.
  • (Mar 3) To help prepare for the exam, see these sample exam questions.
  • (Feb 15) Please download the latest version of DrawTool.java. There was an strange issue in the old version that caused this to fail on some versions of Java installed on Windows. It's been fixed now.
  • (Jan 30) There was a mistake in In-class Exercise 12 of Module 5. This has been fixed now.
  • (Jan 30) DrawTool.java has been updated to improve color selection.
  • (Jan 27) Class is canceled today. Please see the email sent to all students.
  • (Jan 18) The reflection worksheet has been updated. Please use the new one from now on.
  • (Dec 21) If you haven't gotten a SEAS account yet, please stop by the SEAS-Computing office on the 4th floor of Tompkins.