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Java API

  • (August) Warning for VSCode users: there's a strange error that shows up with CLASSPATH in the VSCode command-line. When we ran the same code using VSCODE as editor but a separate (this was on a Macbook) Terminal, it worked fine. Suggestion: Do NOT use the VSCode command-line.
  • (August) There is a subdirectory called useful in which I will occasionally place classes like UniformRandom.java that I think will be useful to the class. These classes will themselves be periodically modified - I will try to remember to post a notice here when I've made such a modification.
  • (August) You need to be familiar with command-line compilation and execution of Java programs. If you've never done this before, here are some instructions on getting started. (Scroll down to the table just above "Exercise 2". The instructions, for both Windows/Mac, are a bit dated but the outline should be enough for to replicate on your laptop.