Code for image annotation and pose estimation.
These are intended for easy integration with Citizen Science projects.

Intelligent Scissors/Livewire Google Code, an HTML5/javascript implementation of an energy based tool to encourage hand drawn contours to follow image edges.

3D Pose Estimator Google Code Repository, an HTML5/javascript implementation of a tool to align, rotation and translate a 3D wireframe to correspond to an object in view.

Code for matlab and web visualizations of image manifolds
Used as we wrote the paper: "A Survey of Manifold Learning for Images", Robert Pless and Richard Souvenir, IPSJ Transactions on Computer Vision and Applications, vol. 1 pp. 83-94, 2009. (bib)
code (zip 12 KBytes).

Code from "Manifold Clustering", Richard Souvenir and Robert Pless, ICCV 2005 (bib)
code (zip 2Mbyes).

Code for calibration of cameras to planar laser range finders
Matlab code from our paper: "Extrinsic Calibration of a Camera and Laser Range Finder", Qilong Zhang, Robert Pless, IROS 2004, (bib),
code (zip 2.3 Mbytes).