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Caner Sener :

Caner Adil Sener, Phd

EMSE Department
1776 G Street NW,
Room 139
Washington, DC  20052

(202) 994-1563
email: caner@gwu.edu


  1. Adil Caner Sener, J. Rene van Dorp, and Jesse D. Keith, Perspectives on the Economics of Geothermal Power, GRC Transactions, Vol. 33, 29 - 36
  2. James W. Lovekin, Subir K. Sanyal, Adil Caner Sener, Valentino Tiangco, and Pablo Gutierrez-Santana. Potential Improvements to Existing Geothermal Facilities in California. GRC Transactions, Vol. 30, 885-890, September 2006.
  3. Adil Caner Sener and J. Rene van Dorp, "Evolution of Technical and Economical Decision Making in Geothermal Energy Projects", GRC Transactions, Vol. 29, 475-481, September 2005.

On June 12, 2009 Mr. Sener succesfully passed his dissertation defense (see picture below) and completed his dissertation entitled "UNCERTAINTY ANALYSIS OF GEOTHERMAL ENERGY ECONOMICS" .
Mr. Sener holds a Master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from the Izmir Institute of Technology and a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from the Middle East Technical University.

Mr. Sener started pursuing his doctoral degree in January 2004 in the Engineering Management and Systems Engineering (EMSE) Department at The George Washington University, Washington DC under Dr. René van Dorp. In September 2003, he received his Master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from the Izmir Institute of Technology (in Turkey). His Master's thesis is entitled: "Optimization of Balcova Geothermal District Heating System". In December 2003 he was awarded the first prize in the “Necdet Eraslan” science and technology Turkish national project contest for his research named “Optimum Control of Geothermal District Heating Systems”. Mr. Sener’s research interests include operational optimization of district heating systems (both geothermal energy and conventional systems), geothermal energy utilization, modeling of heating, ventilating, air conditioning systems and power plants.

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