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JWord is a Java browser for word relationships and information about words in the English language. Currently, JWord uses three data sources (WordNet, Roget's thesaurus and words from The English Tree of Roots). JWord is written in Java, using JWordNet for the WordNet data and custom code for the other sources.

WordNet is an extensive English-language word database developed by Princeton University faculty and students over the last thirty years. The database defines relationships between words in a variety of ways and has two main advantages over the common thesaurus. One advantage is the way it stores related data: it links related words in a structure defined as a synonym set to save space. The other advantage is that it avoids a simple mapping of words based on definitions. Instead, WordNet also relates words based on colloquial usage, pertinence to other words, and numerous other methods developed by cognitive scientists and lexicographers.

However, WordNet's vocabulary is smaller than other "word" databases and Wordnet is hardly the only electronic source of word relationships. Thus, we thought, why not build a tool and framework that will allow developers to pull together word relationships from a variety of sources? This is what you get with JWord:

Can I Help?
JWord is written in Java with the capability to load custom plug-ins. If you can program in Java and have a dictionary file or database you feel would benefit JWord users please view our Guide to Writing a JWord Driver.

JWord was developed by GW student Kunal Johar under the supervision of Prof. Rahul Simha, Department of Computer Science.

For Developers

Javadoc can be found with the source code.

Screen Shot
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Useful Links
WordNet Home Page, which itself has a section on WordNet-related projects.

We are pleased to acknowledge our indebtedness to JWordNet, a Java API for accessing WordNet. JWord uses JWordNet with minor modifications.