A Java Tool for 3D graphs, 3D plotting and 3D drawing

Bill Edison, 2016

What is Draw3D?
Draw3D is a 3D drawing package in Java. It gives you three axes and the ability to draw all kinds of shapes, lines, and such. There are two modes of using it:

Where do I get it and how do I install?
With the advent of Java-11, this has become a bit more complicated. See below.

What documentation is available?
You can browse

What do I need to know for linear algebra?
The linear algebra examples in the modules are fully self-contained. All you need is to get the jar file into your CLASSPATH. Thus, you don't need to read the help file above, nor do you need the documentation. They are here for other projects and courses. (This is the only public webpage for Draw3D.)

Who is Bill Edison?
Bill is a former PhD student of mine, with a long and successful career in software in the DC area, and with many different intellectual interests including the intersection of math and computer science. When I lamented the lack of a solid and yet simple 3D package for Java-based courses, he very graciously volunteered hours and hours of his time to develop Draw3D.

Installing Draw3D

Installing and using JavaFX with Java-11 and higher

Note: the instructions below are for Mac/Linux (you'll need to modify for Windows)