Rahul Simha
Professor of Computer Science


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  • PhD: current
    • Jie Hou (computational neuroscience)
    • Nelson Jaimes (computational neuroscience)
    • Blake Johnson (software comprehension)
    • Xiaoqian Sun (computational neuroscience)
  • PhD: graduated
    • James Marshall (2020, runtime systems, co-advised with G.Parmer, G.Bloom). Topic: Microprocessor Cache Fault Injection for Studying Radiation Induced Transient Faults.
    • Roxana Leontie (2019, co-advised with E.Drumwright). Topic: Proprioceptive and Kinesthetic Feedback for Robotic Manipulation
    • Andrei Claudiu Cosma (2018). Topic: Real-time Individual Thermal Preferences Prediction Using Visual Sensors.
    • Pablo Frank Bolton (2018) Topic: Annotation Scaffolds for Robotics.
    • Jennifer Hill (2017) Topic: Algorithmic Generation and Mobile Distribution of Phonetic, Orthographic, and Inference-Based Literacy Exercises for Adult Learners,”
    • Gedare Bloom (2012), University of Colorado, Colorado Springs. Topic: Hardware data structures (co-advised with B.Narahari).
    • Eugen Leontie (2012). Topic: Memory protection (co-advised with B.Narahari).
    • Carl Pearson (2011). Topic: Ensemble models of Boolean networks (co-advised with C.Zeng).
    • Richard Tang (2008). Topic: Load Balancing in Cluster Systems.
    • Olga Gelbart (2007), Naval Research Labs. Topic: Encrypted-Execution Systems (co-advised with B.Narahari).
    • Renato Levy (2004). Currently at I-A-I Systems, MD. Topic: Profile-Driven Power-Aware Compilation (co-advised with B.Narahari).
    • Bill Edison (2003). Lockheed-Martin. Topic: Random Polygons for Testing Geometric and Spatial Algorithms.
    • Karen Anewalt (2001, from William and Mary). Currently at Mary Washington College. Topic: Virtual-path bandwidth allocation.
    • Yul Williams (2000). Currently at the National Security Agency. Topic: Optimizing assemblers for VLIW architectures (co-advised with B.Narahari).
    • Guangzhi Li (2000, from William and Mary). Currently at AT&T Labs. Topic: Routing and wavelength assignment in optical networks.
    • Ed Suh (1998). Topic: Adaptive load balancing for protein folding problems (co-advised with B.Narahari).
    • S.Subramanya (1998). Topic: Audio databases (co-advised with B.Narahari, A.Youssef).
  • Master's: (this is a bit old)
    • 2006-07: Vijay Deep (embedded systems).
    • 2005-06 Kripa Shankar (security/compilers).
    • 2003-04: Ozgur Sanli (wireless networks), Jitish Kolanjery (wireless networks), Paul Ott (security), Phillip Moore (compilers).
    • 2002-03: Hozefa Sadriwala (optical networks), Nitin Singh (wireless networks).
    • 2001-02: Luv Kohli (optical networks), Amira Djebbari (optical networks), Nikhil Garg (optical networks), Sumesh Udayakumaran (compilers).
    • 2000-2001: Ajay Jayaraj (compilers).
  • Undergraduate research:
    • 2016-17 Troy Stopera, Caitlin Whitter, Samsara Counts.
    • 2015-16 Katie Stasaski, Elsbeth Turcan.
    • 2014-15 Katie Stasaski, Elsbeth Turcan, Malcolm Goldiner.
    • 2013-14 Research: James Pizzuro.
    • 2012-13: Senior Design students. Research: Michelle Cano, Sara Casay.
    • 2011-12: Jatuporn Leksut, Nathan Scott, Senior Design students.
    • 2010-11: Nathan Scott, various Senior Design students.
    • 2009-10: Sam Sternberg (secure postal addresses).
    • 2006-07: Saiyd Copeland (CodeSearch).
    • 2004-05: Mike Gaiman (Blaise, Sython), Jared Kiraly (Blaise), Eisuke Arai (Blaise), Kunal Johar (Gamow scholar, JWord, JWordnet). Other Senior Design projects (forthcoming).
    • 2003-04: Mike Gaiman (Blaise), Jared Kiraly (Blaise), Blythe Debenport (Gamow scholar, multimedia authoring), Rizwan Sattar (Blaise, language comparison), Allison Green (tablet-based sheet-music markup).
    • 2002-2003: Sean Hanlon (Blaise project), James Lam (multimedia), Hristian Kirtchev (multimedia), Herve Roussel (SmartMail), Arezo Sanie (distance-education), Mike Gaiman (Blaise project), Matt Ricciardi (source code comparison).
    • 2001-2002: Nini Khozeimeh (biomed application), James Lam (bioinformatics), Rizwan Sattar (SmartMmail), Jamie Wellington (multimedia).
    • 2000-2001: Zohra Hemani (space management), Scott Levi (SmartMail), Chad Parry (Java Palm-Pilot browser), Nayan Patel (SmartMail).
    • 1999-2000: Amira Djebbari (Java iButton), Hozefa Sadriwala (Java Palm-Pilot browser).
If I've left out your name, please send me email.

Note: many students above are or have been co-advised by other faculty: Profs. Lindeman (now at WPI), Narahari, Zeng.