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Home Page: CSCI 6331/4331 - Cryptography - Spring 2014 - The George Washington University - Vora

Instructor: Poorvi Vora, 714 Philips Hall.

Grader: Gongbo Wang (The grader will only be available on Piazza, and not in person)

Text: Douglas Stinson, "Cryptography: Theory and Practice", Third Edition, 2005.

We will be using Piazza for this class. Resources --- such as class slides --- will be posted on Piazza. The instructor and TA will answer questions through Piazza.

Course Content: Classical ciphers and cryptanalysis, Shannon's perfect secrecy, Feistel ciphers and DES, SPN's and AES, linear and differential cryptanalysis, public-key crypto (RSA, Discrete Log), secure hash, elliptic curves.

Prerequisites: Discrete Mathematics, some basic complexity theory

Grading: For 6331: TBD. For 4331: TBD
Late HWs are allowed till the HW solution is made available, but will be multiplied by a factor of (1.0 - n*0.1) where n is the number of days the submission is delayed. So, for example, if you submit your HW two days late, your grade on that HW will be multiplied by 0.8.

6331 and 4331 will be graded separately. If you are an undergrad, please consult your adviser before choosing to take 6331; graduate credit for 6331 is not automatic for undergrads, but all those enrolled in 6331 will be graded together.

Planned Schedule

16 January, Lecture 1: Adversarial Models, Ciphers, Message Indistinguishability
23 January Lecture 2: Block Ciphers: Substitution-Permutation Networks, Feistel Ciphers.
HW 1 assigned: Due 7 February

30 January, Lecture 3: AES, DES,
Quiz 1

6 February, Lecture 4: Linear Cryptanalysis.

13 February, Lecture 5:Complete Linear Cryptanalysis, Differential Cryptanalysis.

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