CSCI 283/CSCI 172 - Computer Security I - Fall 2010 - George Washington University

Fall 2010 schedule: Tues., 6:10 - 8:40 pm, Rome 352.

Text: Computer Security: Art and Science by Matt Bishop. Please check errata for your printing on the website.

Instructor: Poorvi Vora Office: 714 Philips. Office Hours: Tues, Thurs: 12-2, 3-4 pm.

Grader: Amin Teymorian. Email: amin

Homeworks are due by 6 pm on due date. Submit them in Blackboard. No other methods of submission will be accepted. Late HWs are not allowed.

Grading: HW: 30%; Quizzes most classes 15%; Two tests: 15% each; Final: 25%;

283 and 172 will be graded separately. If you are an undergrad, please consult your adviser before choosing to take 283; graduate credit for 283 is not automatic for undergrads, but all those enrolled in 283 will be graded together.

Course Outline

Slides and notes on this website are not in final form till one week after the lecture covering the material. I often update notes and slides during and after the lecture

Week I, 31 August

Course Outline . Introduction. Classical Ciphers.

Chapters 1, 9.1, 9.2.1, 9.2.2 (no index of coincidence or Kasiski attack)

Week II, 7 September

Stream Ciphers

Chapter 11.2.1

Week III, 14 September

Block Ciphers.
Slides and Instruction by doctoral student Kerry McKay:
Public Key Cryptography slide set updated 11:48 am, 16 September

Chapters 9.2.3, 11.2.2, 9.3

Week IV, 21 September

Secure Hash Functions, modified Tuesday, 21 September at 8:58 pm, Public Key Infrastructure.

Chapter 9.4. Chapter 10, except 10.2.2, 10.3 and 10.5.

HW 1 assigned

Week V, 28 September

Access Control: Access Control Matrix, Access Control Lists, Capability-Based Access Control, Lock-Key and Ring-Based Access Control,

Chapter2. Chapter 15 excluding section 15.2.4.

Week VI, 5 October

Test 1 Weeks I-V

Week VI, 12 October

Birthday and replay attacks. Schneier Attack Trees.

Week VIII, 19 October

Security Policy.

Chapter 4 excluding 4.5, read 4.6 on your own.

Week IX, 26 October

Confidentiality, Integrity and Hybrid Models

Chapters 5.1, 5.2.1, 6.1, 6.2, 7.1, 7.2 from text

Week X, 2 November

Begin: Authentication.

Chapter 12 from text

HW 2 assigned 0n 28 October. Due 15 November.

Ishtiaq Rouf, Rob Miller, Hossen Mustafa, Travis Taylor, Sangho Oh Wenyuan Xu, Marco Gruteser, Wade Trappe, Ivan Seskar, Security and Privacy Vulnerabilities of In-Car Wireless Networks: A Tire Pressure Monitoring System Case Study

Power point presentation on Rouf et al, by Wenyuan Xu, one of its authors. Perhaps the presentation will help you understand the paper better.

All that is required for HW 2 is the submission of a single sheet of paper answering the specific questions.

Week XI, 9 November

Test 2, Lectures VII-X

Week XII, 16 November

Design Principles and Trusted OS (Chapter 13).

Identity (Chapter 14), Covert Channels (Chapter 17.3), Malware (Chapter 22)

HW 3 assigned

Week XIII, 23 November

Privacy. Risk Analysis.

Week XIV, 30 November

Extra Credit HW assigned. Due 10 December, 6:00 pm in Blackboard. Worth three percent of the grade.
Final Exam assigned. Due 21 December, 6:00 pm in Blackboard.

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