Simon Y. Berkovich


Department of Computer Science
School of Engineering & Applied Science
The George Washington University
Washington, D.C. 20052
Phone: ( 202 )994-8248
E-mail: berkov (at) gwu (dot) edu

My interests are Algorithms and Data Structures, Information Retrieval, Computer Organization, Cellular Automaton Modeling of Fundamental Physics, Biological Information Processing, Energy and Sustainability Problems, Philosophy of Science. Here is my CV.

Inventions and Publications
30 Patents (16 USSR and 14 US Patents)
More than 100 publications Recent Publications
32 doctoral students defended their dissertations under my directorship List of students

1971 Awarded the title of Senior Research Fellow by the USSR Academy of Sciences for outstanding achievements in computer science, particularly, for the invention of a new method for dynamic file construction that become known as B-tree and dynamic hashing
1983 Bendix Advanced Technology Center Award: "Best Invention of the Last 12 months"
2002 Elected as a member of the European Academy of Sciences "for an outstanding contribution to computer science and the development of fundamental computational algorithms"

Research grants and Enterprises
1989-1990 On-the-fly processing of information flows (DARPA)
1995-1996 Retrieval with fuzzy criteria (MatchWare Technologies)
1997-1998 Associative access to textual files (Heitmann Company)
2000-2001 Searching engine enhancements (SER Systems Engineering)
2002-2004 Information system for nuclear physics (NSF)
2005-2010 Our US Patent, number 5,619,680, entitled "Methods and Apparatus for Concurrent Execution of Serial Computing Instructions Using Combinatorial Architecture for Program Partitoning" was licensed to SNAPP Technologies