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UChicago - 3 Jun 2019
Stockholm, Sweden
PETS, 15-21 Jul 2019
FEAT, 28-29 Aug 2019
Facebook, CA
WeCNLP, 6 Sep 2019

Aylin Caliskan

My first name is pronounced as Eye-lin

Assistant Professor
Department of Computer Science
George Washington University     SEH 4590
  aylin@gwu.edu        @aylin_cim


My research involves the heavy use of machine learning, natural language processing, and computer vision in novel ways to interpret big data, develop privacy attacks with security implications, and gain insights about machines, humans, and society.

My research is on learning theory and machine learning, with a particular focus on bias, fairness, and privacy.


  • Looking forward to teaching machine learning in fall.
  • My paper on AI bias is published in Science. Semantics derived automatically from language corpora contain human-like biases.
  • I am the moderator of Computer Science - Computers and Society on arxiv.
  • My work on bias and unfairness embedded in semantic spaces, namely word embeddings, is the recipient of "Best Talk Award at HotPETS 2016".
  • Research

    My research on AI for social good utilizes machine learning
    as a scientific discovery, exploration, and analysis tool.

    Research Mindmap