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Agenda Concept            
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Break 2

Facilitators:                                                              Reporters:

            1)    Terry Russell                                            Cheryl Leggon

            Association of Institutional Research             Georgia Institute of Technology


            2)    Jane Lee                                                    Paula McClain

            U.S. Senate Commerce Committee                Duke University


            3)    Craig Love                                                 Virginia Valian

                    Westat                                                       Hunter, CUNY           


            4)    Traci Powell                                               Manuel Vargas

           University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill      Winston-Salem State University


            A.   Discuss topics:  30 minutes  (You will not necessarily be able to discuss all the questions  below.  Select the ones most pertinent to your group.)


            B.   Summarize areas of agreement/ disagreement:  15 minutes


            C.   Develop 2-3  recommendations:  15 minutes


1.   What have we learned from past research about motivations, perceptions and barriers that impede people from moving into STEM careers or encourage them to do so?


2.   What factors have we learned about members from under-represented groups that impede or encourage their entrance and retention in STEM careers?


3.   Where are there gaps in past workforce research that, if filled, would help us develop sound programs in the future? To what extent are ongoing research efforts addressing those gaps?


4.   Given what we know about factors that influence career choices, how can we evaluate the productivity of strategies for increasing and broadening the participation in STEM careers? How might we use existing programs aimed at increasing and broadening participation to expand the research base?







Workshop funded by a grant (HRD-0338644) from the National Science Foundation.