Final Report
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Agenda Concept            
Day 1 Day 2 Day 3          

Break 1

Facilitators:                                Reporters:      

            1) Melissa Herman                             Henry Frierson                                    

            Northwestern University        University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill                   

            2)   Charles Vela                                  John Brown     

                CAHSEE Inc.                               Seltzer Group, LLC


            3)   Peter Henderson                           Diola Bagayoko                                                   

            National research Council                  Southern University, Baton Rouge

            4)    Joan Esnayra                               Michael Gaines 

            National Research Council                University of Miami(Florida)


            A,   Discuss topics:  30 minutes  (You will not necessarily be able to discuss

all the questions below.  Select the ones most pertinent to your group.)


            B.   Summarize areas of agreement/ disagreement:  15 minutes


           C.   Develop 2-3  recommendations:  15 minutes


1)      What models (implicit or explicit) underpin the activities of the program(s)?


2)      How were the program(s) evaluated and how might their results be incorporated into the growing research base?


3)      Do prior or existing programs have characteristics that are scalable?  How might they be adapted or replicated at other sites?


4)      Given that each project begins with different initial conditions and funding sources, how can we build on past efforts to generate new activities and/or integrate and enhance these efforts to create seamless STEM pathways that enable students to advance  --- pathways that are easily navigable, with opportunities for students to enter or

re-enter at different stages of their individual education and career development?


5)      What was the role of funding external to the institution(s) in initiating and/or influencing the success of the program?


6)      Have prior or existing programs been assessed for their effectiveness relative to their cost?  How has success been measured?







Workshop funded by a grant (HRD-0338644) from the National Science Foundation.