Climate Change, Energy & Economic Decision Making (C2E2DM)

The Climate Change, Energy and Economic Decision Modeling Lab conducts basic and applied research that takes a systems approach to address different dimensions of decision making under uncertainty on the economics of energy technology and climate change policies. Areas of research concentration are as follows:

  • Energy Technology Policy and Renewable Energy Integration
    • The role of technological learning by doing on electricity capacity additions
    • How enforcement and certification can improve environmental performance
    • Resource-based view and transaction cost economics on the adoption of renewable energy
    • Lessons from consumer education on smart meters and the smart grid
    • Linkages between sustainable energy and poverty alleviation in least developed countries

  • Investment Decisions in Energy Systems under Uncertainty and Risk
    • Impacts of regulation/policy and competition on energy technology investments
    • Engineering economy of integrating storage into renewable energy alternatives
    • Product outsourcing or insourcing decisions, renewable energy make-or-buy decisions

  • Healthcare Supply Chain and Logistics in Least Developed Countries
    • Overcoming the last-mile hurdle in vaccine delivery
    • Impacts of systemic uncertainties on routine immunization