CS 4243-4: Senior Design

What constitutes a Senior Design project?

In a nutshell, an SD project needs to have core computer science as its "meat", something that's innovative, somethat that will challenge you and take you out of your comfort zone. We know that some projects involve a lot of work, but a lot of programming is not a substitute for innovative core CS content.

To illustrate, here are some projects that would NOT be acceptable, no matter how ambitious the programming effort:

Now, there are exceptions. For example:

However, to be granted an exception, you will have to make a strong case for an exception.

Here are some criteria to use in looking for projects:

A few more points about the project:

Team projects:

Examples of Past Senior Design projects

Here are some examples of past (single-person, not team) projects that fit the criteria:

(Note: if you are a prior award winner and your project isn't listed here, please get in touch with Prof. Simha).