CS 4243-4: Senior Design

Interview practice

The purpose of this exercise is to get practice with job interviews. You will apply for a job (cover letter and CV), and undergo an interview.

Start by picking two jobs to apply to from these below. One will be your primary application, the other a secondary application.

All four positions require a strong foundation in undergraduate computer science.


Interview schedule and logistics

Here's how it will work:
  • You have been assigned a "room" along with two others.
  • If you are the first in the trio assigned to a room, you need to arrive by 6.10pm. If you are the second, then arrive by 6.40pm. The third needs to arrive by 7.10pm. For example, consider Room #1 on Tuesday October 8. Here, Abia needs to arrive by 6.10, Ahmet by 6.40 and Aimen by 7.10pm, and wait outside.
  • Please bring along a copy of your resume/CV and your cover letters.
  • Dress in formal interview attire.
On Tuesday October 8:
  • Room #1: Abia, Ahmet, Aimen
  • Room #2: Alicia, Brian, Chengkai
  • Room #3: Chloe, Pat, David
  • Room #4: Dennis, Eric, Gregor
  • Room #5: Jack, Jaeseok, Jen W
  • Room #6: Joe H, Larissa, Joseph E
On Wednesday October 9:
  • Room #1: Allison, Ben, Billy
  • Room #2: Braden, Henry, Jonathan
  • Room #3: Lian, Monica, Suraj
  • Room #4: Tim, Kyle, Matt
  • Room #5: Mihir, Dan, Paul
  • Room #6: Rachell, Robbie, Shiva
  • Room #7: Simon, Weiming, Zacharie
  • Room #8: Jenny, Jiawei, Jinwen
Room information:
  • Room #1: SEH 4560 (Simha office)
  • Room #2: SEH 4570 (Yerukhimovich office)
  • Room #3: SEH 4580 (Wood office)
  • Room #4: SEH 4590 (Caliskan office)
  • Room #5: SEH 4600 (Parmer office)
  • Room #6: SEH 4615 (Heller office)
  • Room #7: SEH 4605 (Conference room)
  • Room #8: SEH 4655 (Frank-Bolton office)