CS-1112: Algorithms and Data Structures

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Java API

  • (Nov 13) This Tuesday's office hours will be limited to 4-4.45pm. If you need more time, stop by on Thursday.
  • (Oct 9) This Thursday's (Oct 12) office hours have been moved to 10-12. We'll revert back to the usual 4-6pm next week onwards.
  • (Sep 21) Henceforth, we'll make 11pm Wednesdays the due time/date, as agreed in class.
  • (Sep 20) Office hours for Thursday Sept 21 (and only for this day) have been changed to 10-12am.
  • (Sep 18) I will be out of town Sep 27-30 during which email access may be problematic. There will be a class Thu Sept 28. I won't have office hours Sept 28. Everything else remains the same (TA office hours/labs, due dates).
  • (Sep 14) TA office hours will be: Mondays 11-1 and Fridays 12-2, both in Phillips 725 (the lab in the CS dept, 7th floor Academic Center).
  • (Sep 5) There will be a special one-time workshop for this course, this Saturday, Sept 9, in Tompkins 410, from 12.00-4.00pm. The workshop will cover Unix/Windows skills, compilation, execution, assignment submission.
  • (Aug 08) There is a subdirectory of cs133 called useful in which I will occasionally place classes like UniformRandom.java that I think will be useful to the class. These classes will themselves be periodically modified - I will try to remember to post a notice here when I've made such a modification.
  • (Aug 08) To get a SEAS Unix or NT account, visit the room next to the elevator. For more information on systems, Unix or NT, see the SEAS computing website