CS 4341/6341: Continuous Algorithms

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Java API

  • (4/19) Clarification added to the project description.
  • (4/13) There will be no office hours on Tuesday 4/16 due to travel.
  • (3/19) Office hours are canceled today, due to illness. Sorry for the inconvenience.
  • (2/13) Do not consider scene-5 for Assignment 2.
  • (2/11) Please complete at least 37-40 in Module 3 before Friday.
  • (2/11) Error fixed in the trigonometric derivation of the two-link controller.
  • (2/2) For this coming Friday's class, please complete Module 2 exercises up through 22, and Exercise 1 from Module 3.
  • (Jan 30) Moved submission deadline to midnight because of yesterday's closure.
  • (Jan 30) Added some clarifications to A1.
  • (Jan 29) Office hours canceled today; school is closed.
  • (Jan 27) Download the updated carSim.jar for your Assignment 1. There was an unusual Java-2D rendering bug that caused the car to be drawn in strange coordinates (even though the physics/simulation worked) for newer Java versions. This has now been fixed. Since I've compiled with Java 10.02, you might need to install the latest version of Java if you have an older version.
  • (Jan 27) Teams have been updated. You should also have received an email from me on Jan 27. If not, I don't have your email on the class-email list. Let me know.
  • (Jan 11) There is a subdirectory called useful in which I will occasionally place classes like UniformRandom.java that I think will be useful to the class.