The John Quadrino Foundation . . .


makes grants to families who have a child with cancer,

donates toys, books, and other recreational items to area hospitals for
the use of young cancer patients,

works through hospital social work departments to locate needy families,

responds quickly to all applications,

targets families in metropolitan Washington, D.C.,

is a tax exempt, all volunteer, public foundation.


The John Quadrino Foundation was established in 1985 in memory of John Quadrino, who died at age 7 after fighting cancer for three years. During those years, John underwent surgery, chemotherapy, radiation, and a bone marrow transplant. John's exuberant love of life, his positive attitude throughout his treatment, and his compassion for other children with cancer were the inspiration to his family and friends to begin assisting children with cancer. The Foundation is a volunteer organization: people helping others.


Families with a child who has cancer live life intensely and often need extra help in facing the uncertainties and complications of treatment. Tasks like finding money to accompany a child to another city for a bone marrow transplant or to pay for health insurance before the policy is cancelled can be overwhelming. They are even more difficult because they occur quickly and unexpectedly. The Foundation, by responding rapidly to help cover these expenses, helps the child by bolstering the family.


Families who apply for grants are screened by hospital social workers who act as intermediaries with the Foundation. The only requirements are that the grant directly benefit the child with cancer or the child's family, and that funds are available. Children in active treatment and families in the Washington metropolitan area are given priority.


The Foundation is a non-profit, all volunteer, public foundation. All contributions directly aid children with cancer.

If you would like to learn more about our activities, here is a recent issue of our newsletter.

A Gift of Love

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