Dr. Rachelle S. Heller

Professor, Computer Science Department

Co-Editor: Computers & Education: An International Journal

Course Director


  • CSci 10 Applications Software (3 cr.)
  • CSci 33 Introduction to Internet Technology(3 cr.)


  • CSci 260 Interactive Multimedia Design (3 cr.)
  • CSci 261 Educational Software Design (3 cr.)
  • CSci  361 Advanced Topics in Interactive Multimedia (3 cr.)


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        Office: SEH 4615

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Current Semester

Courses Taught

          Fall 2018

          CSCI 6561 Human Computer Interaction

          CSCI 4431 Computer Networks

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CSCI 4431 (and 6431):         Computer Networks
CSCI 3907 :      Special Topic in E-Commerce
CSCI 6562 :         Introduction to Multimedia
CSCI 3907:          Advanced Seminar in Interactive Multimedia



            MAE 720:    A Walk on the Moon
                    (To visit the class, log-on as "guest1" with password "forward" and choose CS197.)


           CS 781-10 - Reading and Writing in Cyberspace with Prof Mark Wallace. Class stories on the web include:




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B.S.  1964 State University of New York, Stony Brook   
M.S.  1972 University of Maryland 
Ph.D. 1985 University of Maryland

She has over 30 years of experience in the computer field, including work in industry and teaching at the college level. Dr. Heller coauthored a nationally syndicated newspaper column, "All About Computers" from 1982 to 1986. She has served as an educational computer consultant to the National Geographic Society.

Professional Activities

Dr. Heller has spoken at computer conferences at the national and international level including the 1981 and 1985 World Conferences on Educational Computing, the LOGO '84 and '85 Conferences in Boston, the 1987 IFIPS WG3.5 Conference on New Technology in Primary Education and the 1988 and 1989 National Educational Computing Conference. She has been the keynote speaker at Hollins College and Coppin State College. She lectured in the Soviet Union on the uses of computers in education at the invitation of the Soviet Academy of Science in the summer of 1986 and the winter of 1989. In the summer of 1988 she was in the Soviet Union as a computer specialist to the USIA exhibit, "Information USA". In addition to authoring and coauthoring numerous papers and technical reports on the uses of computers in mass spectrometry, teacher training and in educational classroom settings, Dr. Heller is the co-author with C. Dianne Martin of Bits 'n Bytes About Computing: A Computer Literacy Primer, the Bits 'n Bytes Gazette for school children and LOGOWORLDS, all published by Computer Science Press, Aleph-BASIC by Kar-Ben Copies, Bible Basic by Standard Press. Dr. Heller is the co-editor of the peer-reviewed journal "Computers & Education: An International Journal"  published by Elsevier Science (formerly Pergamon Press). She is a lecturer for the Association of Computing Machinery and the IEEE.

Dr. Heller's current research in multimedia is focused on the Multimedia Taxonomy.

Recent Talks and Presentations:

Dr. Heller was an invited speaker at many national and international conferences. Her topics include the Design of a Graduate Program in Interactive Multimedia within a Computer Science Curriculum,  - Mutlimedia; What's in it for {Engineering} Education, and FORWARD to Professorship.    In  addition, she presented a paper on Using a Multimedia Taxonomy Framework. Dr. Heller was the key note speaker at the Women's Empowerment Workshop: For Women by Women in Tripoli, Libya in September 2005. (Photos) (Photos of the award ceremony, the visit with women in native dress, GW alumnae )

Research Grants:

Dr. Heller is the co-principal investigator of many National Science Foundation grants. The first, "Bringing Young Minority Women to the Threshold of Science," is designed to raise the interest of young women to studies in science and engineering. The second, "TEAMSS, Teacher Enhanced Application for Middle School Science with Hypermedia," is designed to enable teachers to use and re-use videodisc technology in their classrooms. FORWARD in SEM is a focus on reaching women for academics, research and development in Science, Engineering and Mathematics. It is an implementation project for the recruitment and retention of women in advanced science, engineering and mathematics careers in conjucntion with Gallaudet University. Curriculum Resources in Interactive Multimedia (CRIM) is a project in conjunction with Professor Ed Fox at Virginia University. The current grant is Forward to Professorship with a focus on supporting women to advance to leadership positions in science, mathematics and engineering.

She is also the Co-PI for the VISIT System, a multimedia kiosk project designed to provide information about the park and to collect visitor preference data in US National Parks.

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