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Software Construction and Data Structures with Ada 95

by Michael B. Feldman

published June 1996, ISBN: 0-201-88795-9,

copyright 1997, Addison-Wesley Publishing Company.

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Chapter 15: Introduction to Concurrent Programming

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Abstraction and the Ada Type System
Chapter 2: Writing Abstract Data Types
Chapter 3: Algorithms, Recursion, Performance Prediction, and Performance Measurement
Chapter 4: Multidimensional and Unconstrained Array Types
Chapter 5: Generic Subprograms and Packages
Chapter 6: Variant and Tagged Record Types
Chapter 7: Queues and Stacks
Chapter 8: Access Types and Dynamic Data Structures
Chapter 9: Linked List Applications
Chapter 10: Directed Graphs
Chapter 11: Binary Trees
Chapter 12: Advanced Tree Concepts
Chapter 13: Hash Table Methods
Chapter 14: Internal Sorting Methods

Chapter 15: Introduction to Concurrent Programming


Appendix A: The Ada Character Set, Delimiters, and Reserved Words
Appendix B: Ada 95 Syntax Rules
Appendix C: The Ada Predefined Language Environment
Appendix D: Specification of the Package Ada.Text_IO
Appendix E: Specification of the Package Ada.Calendar
Appendix F: Specification of the Ada Math Libraries
Appendix G: Specification of the Ada String Libraries Used in this Book
Appendix H: Summary of Ada Execution-Time Exceptions
Appendix I: Ada Hints for Pascal Users
Appendix J: Timing Algorithm Performance on a Shared Computer