Source Code for Program Examples, Chapters 1-17

M.B. Feldman and E.B. Koffman, Ada 95 Problem Solving and Program Design, 3rd edition. 

Copyright 1999, Addison-Wesley Publishing Company
ISBN 0-201-36123-X (CD-ROM is no longer available).

Zip Format (zip archive, 130kb)

Generic UNIX Format (tar/gzip archive, 66kb)

NOTE: These programs should compile and execute properly using the GNAT Ada compiler and development environment. This is the prevalent current Ada development system, and is available as a free download, distributed under the GNU General Public License, from Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X implementations are available.

The Spider package and associated examples will compile under all implementations. The resulting executable programs will behave properly under Mac OS X and Linux.
Spider programs will probably not look correct when executed on Windows computers. The Spider package depends for cursor placement upon a Windows system file called ANSI.SYS, which Microsoft appears to have discontinued in recent Windows versions. I have tried unsuccessfully to find a suitable substitute.

last modified June 11, 2013