Virtual reality surgical simulator devices designed and built by Roger E. Kaufman.

The device with the purple circular base and the stainless steel surgical instruments is for training urologists. The long device with the white base is a haptic catheter device for training interventional radiologists in vena cava filter placement. An active control system transmits position and force data to the computer via the interface electronics in the case on the left and the device replicates the feel and response of an actual catheter based on the results of the real-time simulation.

Other devices are being designed to train urologists in performing cryosurgery. With the simulator, urologists could practice a procedure by varying the entry angle of the cryoprobe in the pitch and yaw directions and also moving the probe in and out. Simulated tissue resistance is felt by the user via a computer-controlled braking device coupled to the simulation. The simulator also incorporates a four degree-of-freedom non-haptic ultrasound probe simulator.

This next device is a prototype virtual reality interface I made for training surgeons in performing laproscopic and endoscopic procedures.

The device below is a prototype virtual reality interface device I made for training medical personnel in performing needle sticks.

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