Close-quarter Combat Training Simulator Harnesses

These unique mechanisms were developed by Professor Roger E. Kaufman for the Navy's Capable Manpower Future Navy Capability Exploratory Development and Advanced Technology Demonstration.

They are part of the Navy's Virtual Technologies and Environment (VIRTE) program.

To see more details about a particular version of the harness, click on an image below.

This is the latest overhead harness in action...

And here is the kneeling limited-space harness...

And the pedestal-style "go prone" harness.

To see streaming videos of the early prototype harness in use at the Naval Research Lab, click on one of the key frame images below. The videos show what the user is doing in one window and what they (or others networked with them) see through the head mounted display in another window.

The next video shows two Marines working together in a room. What the user is actually doing shows in the lower window and what they see through their head mounted display shows in the upper window.

The next clip shows NRL's origninal wooden "gaiter" harness in use.

(Videos courtesy of Jim Templeman, the Naval Research Laboratory, and Lockheed Martin, Inc.)

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