This is one of the many articles that were written featuring the MicroKINSYN system we developed.

(MicroKINSYN is the topic of the sidebar article on the right.)

My KINTECH company was prominently mentioned in the text of the main article. The other companies that were mentioned in this Machine design article were little known companies like Westinghouse, IBM, Mcdonnel Douglas' Mcauto, Digital equipment Corp., General Electric, and Computervision. Not bad company for a three person business running out of my home! Murali Raju Dandu and I did the programming in the wee hours of the morning and my brother David Kaufman designed the circuit boards. In order to pack all that capability into an Apple II we needed to do a lot of the coding in assembly language and burn it onto eproms on our custom hardware. (We even had dual processors (6502 and a 6809 accelerator board) in our Apple II and for a while it was the fastest Apple II system running on the East Coast!)

These photos show the specialized hardware that we developed to make an Apple II into the world's most powerful mechanism synthesis system in its day.

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