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Material for use with the book Leading Issues in Information Warfare Research

Curricular materials for courses I teach or used to teach:

  • EMSE 8000 Research Methods for the Engineering Manager
  • EMSE 6540 Management of Information and Systems Security
  • EMSE 6543 Managing the Protection of Information Assets and Systems
  • EMSE 6544 Auditing, Monitoring, and Intrusion Detection for Information Security Managers
  • EMSE 6549 Business and Competitive Intelligence
  • EMSE 6537 Information Operations
  • EMSE 6030 Technological Forecasting and Management
  • EMSE 6510 Decision Support Systems and Models
  • EMSE 6579 Applied Data Mining in Engineering Management
  • EMSE 6586 Database Design and Database Management Systems
  • EMSE 6589 Data Communications and Networks
  • EMSE 6830 Human Factors Engineering