CSCI6411 - Advanced Operating Systems

Posted on January 11, 2021 by Gabriel Parmer

Location: Remote

Office Hours: ???

Course Information

Please find all information for the class on github. Look there for prerequisites, material, and responsibilities.

Direct Instruction and Independent Learning

Each semester, you’re expected to spend at least:

University Policies

Please find details about university policies regarding

Professor and Instructional Staff Responsibilities

You should depend on the instructional staff (including Gabe) for the class to

These can be remembered as “we’re here to make it clear what you should do, what you should know, and what to do if you don’t feel like you know what you’re supposed to do or know”. If at any point, you have concerns about any of these, of if we’re dropping the ball on any of them, please let us know and we’ll do better. There are trade-offs made in the class (for example, homeworks are not formally specified as I don’t want them to be 50 pages each), but you always encouraged to ask questions and clarify.

Above all, it is important that this class provides an environment for learning and self improvement. Gabe takes this very seriously, so if it is not adequately serving that purpose, don’t hesitate to let him know why.

If you don’t feel comfortable directly telling Gabe where the class could be doing something better, please don’t hesitate to use the anonymous class feedback form shared on Piazza that is viewable only by Gabe.