Dr. Kie B. Eom

Associate Professor,
Electrical and Computer Engineering Department

Professor Kie B. Eom was born in Seoul, Korea in 1954. He received the B.S.E.E. degree from Sogang University, the M.S. degree in electrical engineering from Korea Advanced Institute of Science in 1978, and Ph.D. degree in Electrical Engineering from Purdue University in 1986. He is currently an Associate Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at the George Washington University, Washington, D.C.
From 1986 to 1989, he was an Assistant Professor of Electrical Engineering at Syracuse University, Syracuse, NY. Prof. Eom's current research interests include statistical image models, digital signal and image processing, texture analysis and synthesis, radar signal processing, automatic target recognition, computer vision, pattern recognition, and artificial intelligence. He authored or coauthored more than 70 refereed research publications, including three book chapters. He is listed in "Who's Who in Science and Engineering," "Who's Who in America," "Who's Who in the World," and was a recipient of grants from National Science Foundation, Office of Naval Research, and Niagara Mohawk Power Corporation. He has been a consultant to Kaman Science Corporation, Enerlog Systems and U.S. Patent Office. He received the best paper award from IEEE Syracuse section in 1989. Dr. Eom is a senior member of the IEEE Computer Society. He is also a member of Sigma Xi, Tau Beta Pi, and Eta Kappa Nu. 

Mailing Address

Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

The George Washington University
Washington DC 20052


Email: eom@seas.gwu.edu
Phone: (202) 994-5904
FAX: (202) 994-0227
Office: Rm 613, Academic Center

Spring 2000 Teaching Schedule & Office Hours

Teaching Schedule:

ECE 162-10, Mon, Wed 11:00 - 12:15, Gov. 407
ECE 297-10, Tue 7:30 - 10:00, Gelman 610

Office Hours:

Mon 9:00-11:00 AM, Academic Center
Tue 4:30-7:30 PM, Academic Center


B.S.E.E. 1976, Sogang University, Korea
M.S.E.E. 1978, Korea Advanced Institute of Science, Korea
M.S.Eng. 1983, University of Texas-Austin, Texas
Ph.D. 1986, Purdue University, Indiana

Member of the GW faculty since 1989
Listed in Who's Who in Science and Engineering
Listed in Who's Who in America
Listed in Who's Who in the World
Senior member of the IEEE
Member of Sigma Xi, Tau Beta Pi and Eta Kappa Nu.

Recent Journal Publications

  • K. B. Eom and R. Chellappa, ``Non-cooperative Target Classification Using Hierarchical Modeling of High-Range Resolution Radar Signatures,'' IEEE Trans. on Signal Processing, vol. 45, no. 9, pp. 2318 - 2327, September 1997.
  • R. Chellappa, Q. Zheng, P. Burlina, C. Shekhar, and K. B. Eom, ``On the positioning of multisensor imagery for exploitation and target recognition,'' Proceedings of the IEEE, vol. 85, no. 1, pp. 120 - 138, January 1997.
  • K. B. Eom, ``Shape Recognition Using Spectral Features,'' Pattern Recognition Letters, vol. 19, no. 2, pp. 189-195, February 1998.
  • K. B. Eom, ``2-D Moving Average Models for Texture Synthesis and Analysis,'' IEEE Trans. on Image Processing, vol. 7, no. 12, pp. 1741-1746, December 1998.
  • K. B. Eom, ``Radar Target Recognition,'' A chapter in Encyclopedia of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, (Ed.) John G. Webster, John Wiley & Sons, February 1999.
  • K. B. Eom, ``Segmentation of monochrome and color textures using moving average modeling approach,'' Image and Vision Computing Journal, vol. 17, no. 3, pp. 231-242, 1999.
  • K. B. Eom, ``Synthesis of color textures for multimedia applications,'' To appear in Multimedia Tools and Applications, September 2000.
  • K. B. Eom, ``Time-Varying Autoregressive Modeling of High Range Resolution Radar Signatures for Classification of Noncooperative Targets,''  IEEE Transactions on Aerospace and Electronic Systems, vol. 35, no. 3, pp.974-988, July 1999.
  • K. B. Eom, ``Analysis of Acoustic Signatures from Moving Vehicles Using Time-Varying Autoregressive Models,''  Multidimensional Systems and Signal Processing, vol. 10, no. 4, pp. 357-378, October 1999.
  • K. B. Eom, ``Fuzzy self-organizing neural network approach in sea-ice clustering,'' Neurocomputing, vol.  25, no. 1-3, pp. 249-166, April 1999.
  • K. B. Eom, ``Unsupervised Segmentation of Spaceborne Passive Radar Images,'' Pattern Recognition Letters, vol. 20, no. 5, pp. 485-494, May 1999.
  • K. B. Eom, ``Nonstationary Autoregressive Contour Modeling Approach for Planar Shape Analysis,'' Optical Engineering, vol. 38, no. 11, pp. 1826-1835, November 1999.
  • K. B. Eom, ``Texture Segmentation Using Statistical Modeling Approach,'' To appear (Invited) in  Recent Progress in Pattern Recognition Research and Development,  2000.
  • K. B. Eom,  ``Two-Dimensional Long-Correlation Models with Circular and Elliptical Correlation Structures,''  Submitted to IEEE Trans. on Image Processing, January 2000.
  • K. B. Eom, ``Generalized Circular Autoregressive Models for Modeling of Isotropic and Anisotropic Textures,'' Submitted to Journal of Optical Society of America - Series A, January 2000.
  • K. B. Eom, ``Dyadic Self-Similar Processes with Autoregressive Components,'' Submitted to Signal Processing, January 2000.
  • S. Sista, K. B. Eom, and R. L. Kashyap, ``Unsupervised Video Segmentation and Object Tracking,'' Prepared for Submission,  2000.

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