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Prof. Gralla and colleague Prof. Szajnfarber win Best Paper Award

Prof. Gralla and her colleague Prof. Zoe Szajnfarber were awarded the "Best Paper Award in Systems Engineering Journal, 2017" for their paper:

Z. Szajnfarber and E. Gralla (2017). "Qualitative methods for engineering systems: why we need them and how to use them" Systems Engineering, 20(6), pp. 697-511.

The award was presented at the INCOSE meeting in June 2018.

Undergraduate senior design team wins "Best in Systems" award

Undergraduate senior design team Jillian d'Arrigo, Shelby Grumer, and Kai Friesecke won the "Best in Systems" award for their senior design project in 2018. The team was advised by Prof. Gralla, along with Profs Abeledo and Barbera and others. Their project involved scheduling staff for FEMA's National Response Coordination Center.

Undergraduate senior design team visits CDC

An undergraduate senior design team working with the Centers for Disease Control visited their headquarters in Atlanta, GA. Two members of the team were able to join, along with Prof. Gralla: Alyson Fintzy and Jillian Miles. The team was advised by Prof. Gralla along with other professors in the department.
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Azrah defends her PhD thesis!

Azrah Azhar Anparasan defended her PhD thesis in January 2018. A huge congratulations to Azrah!

The photos show her celebrating with her committee and labmates.
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Undergraduates present at FEMA

Two teams of undergraduates from Dr. Gralla's EMSE 3820 Project Management class were invited to present their class projects at the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) in summer 2017. (Not all the students could make it, because many were out of town doing summer internships.)
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Congratulations to 2017 grads

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The lab celebrated our 2017 grads, Madison and Matt, and the end of our academic year, on a beautiful summer evening in Georgetown.

POMS 2017 Conference

May 2017

Dr. Gralla and her students gave a number of presentations at POMS 2017 in Seattle, WA, May 5-8, 2017:

E. Gralla and J. Goentzel, “Humanitarian Transportation Planning: Evaluation of Practice-Based Heuristics and Recommendations for Improvement”.

M. Peters, J. Goentzel, and E. Gralla, “Measuring Change in Ugandan Agricultural Markets”

A. Anparasan and E. Gralla, “The Impact of Decentralization and Coordination Policies in Humanitarian Logistics Transportation Networks,”

M. Reinker and E. Gralla, “A System Dynamics Model to Analyze Agricultural Inputs Subsystem in Uganda.”

J. Goentzel, E. Gralla, and I. Haavisto, “Insights and Tools for Implementing Operational Standards in Decentralized Humanitarian Organizations,”

L. Bateman and E. Gralla, “Agent-Based Modeling of Internal Information Management Support for Humanitarian Organizations.”
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Gralla Group at POMS 2017. Prof Gralla with PhD students Azrah Anparasan and Lauren Bateman and masters students Megan Peters and Madison Reinker.

Workshop in Kampala, Uganda

March 2017

Our Uganda Market System Monitoring project hosted a major workshop on agricultural market systems in Kampala, Uganda. Below are some snapshots of the GW team at the workshop. (Upper Left) Posing by the welcome sign. (Upper Right) Graduate student Madison Reinker speaks to a crowded workshop. (Lower Left) the GW team: Prof Gralla, Megan Peters, Jillian Miles, and Madison Reinker. (Lower Right) Prof. Gralla discusses a system map with workshop participants.
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Gralla Lab Goes Ice Skating!

To celebrate the end of the semester, the Gralla Lab took to the ice in Georgetown. Even Azrah, who has never skated before, was able to get around by the end of the evening!
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CESUN 2016 Conference

Dr. Gralla and two of her students, Azrah Azhar and Brandon Greenberg, attended the CESUN 2016 conference hosted right here at George Washington University.

Brandon presented a poster on "Impact of Network Structure on Disaster Response Information Sharing." Azrah was an author on the presented paper "Problem decomposition by design teams: a study of facility design."

Dr. Gralla chaired the "Humans in Engineering Systems" track, organized a plenary panel discussion on the same topic, and organized a panel on "Funding CESUN-style Research," all with Mark Avnet of Texas A&M. She also organized a methods workshop on "Qualitative Field Work" with Zoe Szajnfarber of GW.
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Erica Gralla and Azrah Azhar at the conference reception. (We miss you, Brandon Greenberg!)

ISERC 2016 Conference

Dr. Gralla and her student Megan Peters attended the ISERC 2016 conference in Anaheim, CA.

Megan presented a paper, "Humanitarian Logistics Supply Chain Setup Decisions", co-authored with former students Liam Cusack and Phillip Graeter and with Dr. Gralla. Dr. Gralla was co-author on a presentation by Dr. Jeffrey Herrmann and Michael Morency of the University of Maryland, entitled "Design Team Decision Processes in Point of Dispensing Design." Dr. Gralla also presented on an invited panel entitled "Establishing an Interdisciplinary Career in Engineering Systems," organized by Babak Heydari of Stevens Institute of Technology.

Research Trip to Kampala, Uganda

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The team hosted a workshop for market system mapping and measuring.
Dr. Gralla and her student Megan Peters traveled to Kampala, Uganda, in May 2015.

With Dr. Jarrod Goentzel and Tim Russell of MIT, they organized a workshop for market system mapping and measuring. 22 stakeholders from USAID's Feed the Future Value Chain projects attended the workshop.

POMS 2016 Conference

The Production and Operations Management Society's Annual Conference, POMS 2016, was held in Orlando, FL. Dr. Gralla and her student, Azrah Azhar, attended the conference.

Dr. Gralla, as VP for Meetings of the Humanitarian Operations and Crisis Management section, organized a one-day mini-conference including speakers from UNHCR in Greece, Florida Baptists Disaster Relief, SOIL and Carbon Roots in Haiti, Last Mile Health in Liberia, and FEMA.

Azrah presented a talk on "Humanitarian response transportation networks: test cases and analysis of historical disaster scenarios."