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12/4/2018, Mao Li successfully defended his MS dissertation. His dissertation title is "A New High-order Spectral Difference Method for Simulating Viscous Flows on Unstructured Grids with Mixed-Element Meshes." Congratulations Mao!


12/6/2017, Christopher Cox successfully defended his PhD dissertation. Many congratulations to Dr. Cox!


7/19/2017, Jingjing Yang successfully defended his PhD dissertation. Many congratulations to Dr. Yang!


10/20/2016, Former PhD student, Junfeng Wang, will join Simerics in Seattle. Congratulations!


10/13/2016, Prof. Chunlei Liang (MAE) and four other colleagues edited a special issue for high-order methods for computational fluid dynamics in Computers & Fluids journal. See the editorial and 20 articles.


10/12/2016, Former PhD student, James Chen, currently Assistant Professor at Kansas State University, won a prestigious AFOSR YIP award. Congratulations!


9/14/2016, Chunlei gave a talk at the Symposium on Naval Hydrodynamics, Monterey, CA.


9/9/2016, Chunlei gave a Fluids seminar in the Mechanical Engineering department, UC Berkeley.


7/22/2016, Bin successfully defended his PhD dissertation. Well done!


7/20/2016, Shantanu successfully defended his MS thesis. Congratulations!


6/24/2016, Liangwei presented his dissertation proposal.


6/22/2016, Jingjing presented his dissertation proposal.


5/19/2016, Chunlei received a CAREER award from NSF!


5/17/2016, Chunlei is promoted to Associate Professor with tenure!


4/20/2016, Junfeng Wang successfully defended his PhD dissertation proposal. Many congratulations!


10/08/2015, Mao Li did well in his doctoral qualifying exam (DQE) today.


10/06/2015, Bin Zhang presents his PhD dissertation proposal.


8/28/2015, Andrew DeJong defends his PhD dissertation.


6/30/2015, My PhD student Junfeng Wang successfully completed the third annual review of his Newkirk graduate fellowship at the National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR). NCAR agreed to extend his Newkirk fellowship for another three months.


6/23/2015, AIAA Aviation 2015 conference at Dallas TX.


6/2/2015, ASME OMAE at St. John's Canada.


5/26/2015, 2015 Research Symposium on Environmental and Applied Fluid Dynamics, Science and Engineering Hall, GWU


4/9/2015, Bin Zhang and Chunlei Liang, A Simple, Efficient, High-order Accurate Sliding-Mesh Interface Approach to the Spectral Difference Method on Coupled Rotating and Stationary Domains. is now accepted to the Journal of Computational Physics, 2015.


3/21/2015, Conference proposal: International Symposium on High-Order Methods for Computational Fluid Dynamics (San Diego, CA, July 26-30, 2015) is now funded by NSF.


2/28/2015, J. Wang, C. Liang, M. Miesch, A Compressible High-Order Unstructured Spectral Difference Code for Stratified Convection in Rotating Spherical Shells, accepted to the Journal of Computational Physics.


2/23/2015, Chris Cox won the first prize of theoretical category in the 2015 SEAS Student Research & Development Showcase. Congratulations to Chris!


1/9/2015, Welcome Shantanu Bailoor to join our research group as a graduate student!


12/9/2014, Chunlei attended the International Conference on Scientific Computing and PDEs. It was a pleasure meeting Prof. Eitan Tadmor in Hong Kong.


11/21/2014, Chunlei gave an invited talk for the Symposium in Honor of Professor Antony Jameson's 80th Birthday, Mathematics, Computing & Design -- Where Analysis and Creativity Combine, at Stanford University. His presentation was titled "Spectral Difference Method for Sliding-Mesh Simulations, and Thermal Convection of the Sun."


10/20/2014, Chunlei gave an invited talk for the Clinical and Translational Science Institute at Children's National (CTSI-CN). His presentation was titled "High-fidelity Simulations of Femoral Arterial Flow with Multiple Stenoses."


10/16/2014, Prof. David Kopriva visits MAE and Mathematics departments of the GWU.


10/14/2014, Chunlei delivers the 2014 Hal Andrews Lecture at the University of Maryland, invited by the AIAA National Capital Section.


9/11/2014, Andrew DeJong passed his doctoral qualifying exam. Congratulations, Andrew!


9/5/2014, Welcome Xiaoliang Zhang to join our research group as a Ph.D. student!


8/5/2014, Welcome Caleb Yow to join our research group as a M.S. student!


6/24/2014, Chunlei Liang gave a presentation at the international conference of spectral and high-order methods (ICOSAHOM) on their work of simulations of stratified convection in spherical shells!


5/28/2014, Andrew DeJong won one best presentation award at the 2014 annual Joint UMD Burgers Program/Johns Hopkins Center for Environmental and Applied Fluid Mechanics (CEAFM)/George Washington University Mechanical Engineering Fluids Group Symposium. Congratulations! Andrew worked on high fidelity simulation of vortex induced vibration.


5/27/2014, Junfeng Wang has successfully passed the annual review of his NCAR Newkirk graduate fellowship. Congratulations!


5/24/2014, The Special Issue of High-order Methods for CFD is published!


5/18/2014, I am selected as the 2014 recipient of the Hal Andrews Young Engineer Scientist of the Year Award.


5/16/2014, Keegan Delaney has successfully defended his PhD dissertation entitled "An Adaptive Mesh Refinement Solver for Multiphase Incompressible Flows with Large Density Ratios."


5/14/2014, Alexander Vizard has successfully defended his MS thesis entitled "Direct Numerical Simulation of Flow Over Passive Geometric Disturbances."


5/13/2014, Seth Schroeder has successfully defended his PhD dissertation entitled "High Fidelity Numerical Investigation of Rotor Wake Dynamics in the Near Field."


5/5/2014, Tabitha Smith has successfully defended her PhD thesis entitled "Ablation Study of Tungsten-Based Nuclear Thermal Rocket Fuel."


4/29/2014, Laura Rose has successfully defended her MS thesis entitled "Development of 1D Particle-in-Cell code and Simulation of Plasma-Wall Interactions." I chaired the committee for her defense.


4/28/2014, Chunlei Liang gave a talk for the Joint Undergraduate Mathematics and Physics (JUMP) group in the Department of Mathematics of the George Washington University.


4/21/2014, Chunlei Liang is selected as a recipient of the 2014 Young Investigator Program (YIP) award by the Office of Naval Research (ONR).


4/9/2014, Chunlei Liang gave a talk for the astrophysical group in the Department of Physics of the George Washington University.


3/24/2014, I received an Air Force 2014 Summer Faculty Fellowship Program (SFFP) award administrated by the American Society for Engineering Education (ASEE).


1/20/2014, Professor Koji Miyaji and his students visited our lab.


1/3/2014, New paper published! Computation of Flows With Shocks using the Spectral Difference method with Artificial Viscosity: Part I Basic Formulation [ DOI ]


12/2/2013, Prof. Charles Garris (MAE) presented the paper "Pressure Exchange Heat Pump: Natural Gas Residential Air Conditioning" at the International Mechanical Engineering Conference and Exhibition, held November 15-21 in San Diego, CA. The paper was authored by Profs. Garris and Chunlei Liang (MAE) and will appear in the conference proceedings.


11/15/2013, Todd Dillon won the 2nd place award in undergrad category. Todd presented a paper titled "Towards An Automatic Mesh Deforming Tool for Computational Fluid Dynamics using Unstructured Quadrilateral Elements" in the AIAA Region I Young Professional, Student, and Education Conference 2013 held in Johns Hopkins University.


11/5/2013, I became an Associate Fellow of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics.


8/29/2013, In the Fall, I am teaching ApSc 2058 for Engineering Dynamics as well as MAE 6286 : Numerical Methods for PDEs.


8/28/2013, Chris Cox passed Doctoral Qualifying Exams. Congratulations!


8/8/2013, Junfeng Wang's NCAR Newkirk graduate fellowship is renewed for another year. Congratulations!


8/1/2013, Bin Zhang passed Doctoral Qualifying Exams. Congratulations!


7/3/2013, Jingjing presented his work on hp adaptation in CAHL group meeting.


6/24/2013, Andrew and Daniel presented at the AIAA CFD conference in San Diego.


6/1/2013, We are informed to receive the Outstanding Technical Paper award under the Fluid-Structure Interaction Technical Committee at the 2012 PVP Conference. This paper entitled "Spectral difference solution of incompressible flow over an inline tube bundle with oscillating cylinder" is co-authored by C. Cox, C. Liang, and M. Plesniak. This award will be presented at the Fluid-Structure Interaction Technical Committee meeting at the 2013 PVP Conference.


5/31/2013, My second son, Kevin Liang, was born. How excited summer it is!


4/8/2013, A Symposium, titled "Four Decades of CFD: Looking Back and Moving Forward," will be held in San Diego in June. This symposium is to celebrate the Careers of Antony Jameson, Phil Roe and Bram van Leer.


3/15/2013, GW-ECAS has been successfully developed! GW-ECAS stands for GW Efficient Computational Aerodynamics Solver. This solver employs high-order correction procedure via reconstruction on 3D unstructured grids with hexa cells for predicting unsteady flow around flapping wing flight.


3/8/2013, Congratulations to Todd Dillon for winning a GW SEAS undergraduate summer fellowship!

3/7/2013, We will invite presentations for USNCCM12 mini-symposium of high-order methods for CFD to submit manuscripts for a special issue in the journal of Computers & Fluids.

2/26/2013, Chunlei Liang gave a talk at SIAM CSE 2013. The title is "simulation of an oscillating wing power generator using an efficient high-order method." His PhD student Bin Zhang was involved in this work.


1/30/2013, Our CTSI-CN proposal is funded with up to $40K for studying stenoses in human femoral artery!


1/15/2013, Dr. Behrouz Karami joined CAHL as a postdoc for a one-year position. Welcome!

1/15/2013, Daniel Wang passed Doctoral Qualifying Exams. Congratulations!

12/15/2012, William Jessup passed Doctoral Qualifying Exams. Congratulations!

11/1/2012, USNCCM12 minisymposium on high-order CFD methods is approved.

9/26/2012, Professor Chuijie Wu gave two seminars in GW, 2012-2013.

7/25/2012, Chunlei gave a lecture titled "Unsteady aerodynamics of oscillating wing power generators" in Yokohama National University.

6/18/2012, Chunlei visited NCAR in Colorado for two weeks, 2012-2013.

5/07/2012, Professor Antony Jameson gave a seminar in GW, 2012-2013.


5/04/2012, I received a GW University Facilitating Fund of US$25,000, 2012-2013.


4/09/2012, I received an Oak Ridge Associated Universities (ORAU) Ralph E. Powe Junior Faculty Enhancement Award, 2012-2013.


3/22/2012, Dr. William Mitchell visits CAHL.


3/16/2012, ONR awards a three-year research grant to CAHL.

3/2/2012, CAHL student, Junfeng Wang, is awarded a Newkirk Fellowship from NCAR.

2/27/2012, CAHL student, Chris Cox, presented his poster entitled "Implicit time marching and MUSCL scheme for supersonic flow" during the SEAS students R&D showcase.

2/27/2012, CAHL student, Daniel Wang, presented his poster entitled "Parallel SD Solver of Navier-Stokes equations on moving and deforming grids" during the SEAS students R&D showcase.

2/24/2012, Article in the most cited list: Liang and Papadakis (2007) .

2/24/2012, CAHL undergraduate student Meryll G. Castro was offered a summer internship at the FDA for optical imaging and graphics.

2/15/2012, Chunlei gave an invited talk at NSWCCD.

1/9/2012, Chunlei acted as a co-chair of a session of Multidisciplinary CFD at the AIAA Aerospae Science Meeting in Nashville, TN.

1/9/2012, Chunlei presented the following paper: C. Liang, J. Chen, and J. D. Lee (2012), Spectral Difference Solution of Unsteady 2D Compressible Micropolar Equations on Moving and Deformable Grids, AIAA-2012-294, at the AIAA Aerospae Science Meeting in Nashville, TN.


1/8/2012, Daniel presented the following paper: Junfeng Wang, Chunlei Liang (2012), Study of the 2D laminar flapping wing case using the Spectral Difference method, at the 1st High-order Method workshop in Nashville, TN.

1/2/2012, Article in the most cited list: Liang, Kannan, and Wang (2009) .

12/1/2011, CAF Article in the most read list: Computers and Fluids (no. 10) .

11/11/2011, Congratulations to Daniel Wang, a first-year doctoral student in our group, for an AFOSR fellowship, which will cover his registration and travel support to the 1st International Workshop on High-Order CFD Methods at the 50th AIAA Aerospace Sciences Meeting, in Nashville, TN, in January 2012.


10/17/2011, We are awarded a GWIBE interdisplinary fund $10,000 for our research on automatic mesh deformation!


10/16/2011, Our paper on modeling a mitral valve is finally in press. It is a high-quality paper and available now at PDF.

9/26/2011, A 192-core DELL C6100 LINUX Computer Cluster is implemented in CAHL, GWU!

9/12/2011, Dr Ravi Kannan visits CAHL, GWU!

8/13/2011, Physics of Fluids paper by Konstantinidis and Liang was in a popular list of AIP!

8/10/2011, TECPLOT funds us five licenses for the class of MAE 6286 Numerical Techniques for Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering!

7/6/2011, CAHL solver handles moving and deformable grids.

7/5/2011, my PhD advisor, George Papadakis, became a faculty member at the department of Aeronautics in Imperial College London.

6/20/2011, DELL engineers implement a 192-core computer cluster for CAHL.

5/1/2011, A page for research gallery is added in CAHL website to reflect many new coding developments recently.

4/13/2011, Solar convection code is well scalable for over 20 million degrees of freedom!

3/26/2011, Completed code implementation for high-order turbulent solar convection.

3/22/2011, Solar convection simulations now handle meshes with 3D quadratic elements!

3/11/2011, CAHL student James Chen successfully defended his PhD dissertation. Congratulations, Dr Chen!

3/6/2011, CAHL TEAM page is updated. We are excited to solve new scientific challenges!

1/5/2011, Professor Liang chairs a session on high-order methods on unstructured grids for the AIAA Aerospace Sciences Meeting in Orlando, Florida.


11/3/2010, Professor Liang joins Computers and Fluids, an international journal as a member of editorial board.

10/23/2010, Professor Liang joins CFD Letters, an international journal as a member of editorial board.

9/20/2010, Professor Liang receives a donation of Two Tesla C2050(2) processors from NVIDIA.

09/14/2010, Professor Max Platzer visits the MAE department at GW.

08/11/2010, Professor Wenquan Tao visits the MAE department at GW.

08/01/2010, Chunlei Liang joins the MAE department at GW as an assistant professor.

06/27/2010 Chunlei Liang participates the CTR summer program at Stanford University.

06/4/2010 Chunlei Liang gives an invited talk in the NA&ME department at University of Michigan.

05/28/2010 Chunlei Liang signs his appointment letter to be an assistant professor of MAE department at the George Washington University.