Invited Panelist at UCLA's Institute for Digital Research and Education Symposium

Hidden Agendas for Online Vaccination: Trolls, Bots & Misinformation

Los Angeles, CA

Dr. Broniatowski gave an invited panel talk titled “Addressing the Vaccine Crisis: The Digital World, Big Data, and Public Health” at UCLA’s Institute for Digital Research and Education’s symposium. His talk covered the ways in which state-sponsored and profit-seeking entities use health communication about vaccines on social media to accomplish a variety of malicious tasks, including promoting discord, spreading malware, and spamming. He covered the different types of malicious actors on Twitter and the specific ways these are used to achieve the goals identified above, and some promising theoretical approaches to combating them.

David A. Broniatowski
Associate Professor of Engineering Management and Systems Engineering

My research interests include social media data analytics, engineering system architecture, decision under risk, and online misinformation.