• [May 27, 2004] We presented the prototype CVV system at the DIMACS Workshop on Electronic Voting -- Theory and Practice on May 27th. Our talk was titled Citizen Verified Voting: An implementation of Chaum's voter verifiable scheme by Ben Hosp, Nils Janson, Phillipe Moore, John Rowe, Rahul Simha, Jonathan Stanton, and Poorvi Vora. A PDF of the slides (2.2 MB) is available. Many of the presentations from the workshop can be found on here
  • [May 21, 2004] The prototype CVV system was given an impromptu demonstration by Ben and Phillipe at the EPIC Freedom 2.0 Distributed Democracy: Dialogue for a Connected World conference. David Chaum arranged for the demonstration.
  • [May 19, 2004] The prototype system was demonstrated at a NIST seminar on electronic voting. David Chaum gave the main talk on Secret-Ballot Receipts: True Voter-Verifiable Elections


  • An exposition of Chaum's e-voting scheme by Poorvi Vora, April 2004 is available in PDF (140 KB) format.

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