CSci 6441.BA2: Database Management Systems

Department of Computer Science
The George Washington University, Spring 2011
CRN 15165

Topic Presentation

Overview: Each student will pick a database-related topic. The student will present a 12-15 minute summary of the topic. The presentation should include slides (Powerpoint or (preferably) HTML). Students should be prepared to answer questions after their presentation.

Assignment Goals: The goals for this assignment are two-fold. First, preparing the summaries will provide the student with an opportunity to practice evaluating and prioritizing information. Each topic contains more material than can be presented in 12-15 minutes, so it is imperative that the student prioritize the information. Second, the presentations will give the class exposure to a wider range of topics than would otherwise be covered.

Topic Selection: Students should sign up for their topic and presentation date no later than 19 January. Topics and dates are first-come, first-served; i.e. you will be asked to choose a new topic if somebody else has previously chosen the same topic. Please do your best to choose a presentation date to which you can commit.

Possible topics include (but are not limited to) the following:

Topics from previous semesters' can be seen here and here.

Deliverables: Final copies of the slides for your presentation should be linked no later than the day after your presentation.

Evaluation: A rubric for evaluating your presentations is available.
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