CSci 241.AL: Database Management Systems

Department of Computer Science
The George Washington University, Fall 2010
CRN 73415

Term Project

Overview: In order to gain further experience with the material we will cover in class, you are to complete a term project. The main component of the project is to work in a team to develop a moderately complicated database application.

  1. Form a team of 3 (or 4) class members and notify the instructor
  2. Select a business problem to solve from a domain with which you are familiar.
  3. Write a high-level proposal describing your business problem and, in very general terms, your proposed solution using database technology
  4. Receive approval for your proposal from the instructor
  5. Determine your data needs and produce an Entity-Relationship diagram
  6. Select a DBMS implementation to use
  7. Generate your database schema, create the database, and populate it with sample data
  8. Write and execute queries against your database to solve the business problem you presented in your proposal
  9. Demonstrate your solution to the class

Deliverables: Due dates are indicated on the class schedule. Late assignments will not be accepted without prior arrangements. Each project deliverable shall include a statement describing each team member's contribution to the deliverable. Submission details will be addressed in a separate document.

Grading Weights for Project Deliverables:

E-R Diagram10%
DB Schema35%
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