CSci 241.AL: Database Management Systems

Department of Computer Science
The George Washington University, Fall 2010
CRN 73415

Topic Presentation

Overview: Each student will pick a database-related topic. The student will present a 10 minute summary of the topic. The presentation should include slides (Powerpoint or (preferably) HTML). Students should be prepared to answer questions after their presentation.

Assignment Goals:The goals for this assignment are two-fold. First, preparing the summaries will provide the student with an opportunity to practice evaluating and prioritizing information. Each topic contains more material than can be presented in 10 minutes, so it is imperative that the student prioritize the information. Second, the presentations will give the class exposire to a wider range of topics than would otherwise be covered.

Topic Selection: Students should email the professor their first and second choice of topic by 10 September. In addition to your topic choices, your email should include three tentative dates for your presentation.

Possible topics include (but are not limited to) the following:

Deliverables: Students should submit copies of their presentations no later than the day after their presentation. Details on submission procedure will be covered separately.

Evaluation: A rubric for evaluating your presentations will be made available during the second week of class.
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