Jonathan Stanton

Dr. Jonathan R. Stanton Assistant Professor Department of Computer Science

Spring 2008 Office hours are by appointment.

	      Email:  jstanton at
	      Office: 720E Academic Center
	              George Washington University
	      Lab:    340N 2033 K Street
	      Fax:    202-994-4875
	      Mail:   Suite 704
                      Department of Computer Science
		      George Washington University
		      801 22nd Street, NW
		      Washington, DC 20052
CSCI 192 Network Security (Spring 2008)
CSCI 286 Network Security Principles (Spring 2008)
Experimental Networked Systems Lab
Center for Networking and Distributed Systems
Spread Group Messaging System
A Narrative ...

My Father and I backpacking in Wyoming's Wind River Mountains.

I am currently an Assistant Professor in the Department of Computer Science at the George Washington University. I am also a member of the Center for Networking and Distributed Systems at the Johns Hopkins University.

I received my Masters in Science and Engineering in Computer Science in Spring 1998 from Johns Hopkins. I received my Ph.D in Computer Science from Johns Hopkins in 2002. The title of my thesis is Practical Wide Area Group Communication.

My main research focus is high performance group communications for distributed applications. I am the chief architect of the Spread Group Messaging Toolkit which provides wide area, high performance reliable multicast messaging with membership, strong failure and ordering semantics, and a professional quality implementation.

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