Gabriel Parmer

I am an Associate Professor in the Computer Science department at George Washington University. I received my PhD. from Boston University under the direction of Professor Richard West. I lead the real-time systems group at GWU focusing on research in operating systems. Topics of interest include:

Our current research centers around the Composite component-based operating system. Fine grained system policies, mechanisms, and abstractions are defined as independent components, which are composed together to create a specialized and functional system. In doing so, a focus is on taking advantage of the increased system flexibility to bring predictability to cloud-scale systems, and rich functionality to embedded systems.

We conduct our research publicly. See my code.


Operating System Research @ GWU

If you’re an undergraduate at GW and interested in systems, you should check out the Systems Hacking Club (SHC). If you want to be involved in research, then you must be active in this group.

If you’re looking to do a PhD and are interested in Composite, I encourage you to contact me. However, please keep the following in mind:

Systems Heros

I’m keeping a list of undergraduates who have demonstrated an exceptional passion and capability in systems classes.